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Hitchhikers ranks as one of the best and most requested backpackers hostels in Cusco.

Miraflores, Cusco. Sep 30, 2010. Hitchhikers announced this week that it has exceeded its historical record of guests and bookings during the last high tourist season in Cusco. This has become a benchmark for this type of accommodation in websites and social networks dedicated to providing information to backpackers all around the world.

Cusco, with its unique colonial architecture and its modern and commercial districts, is no longer a simple stopover in the itinerary for most tourists. It has become an appreciated tourist destinations especially for backpackers, who like to visit the squares, churches and monasteries of the old colonial downtown and the variety of lounge, bars, pubs and discos located in the bohemian district of Barranco and Miraflores. Lots of these travelers also like to go to the splendid beaches for surfing located in southern reaches of Cusco.

Hithhikers hostel has been several years in the business of lodging for backpackers and has continuously increased its variety and quality of services. These are now intended to offer a lot of fun and games inside the establishment. The hostel is more than just a place to sleep and eat, it has become now an important part of the trip, being a site with lots of fun for guests who can share moments and learn a lot more from others fellow travelers, and from the locals who work there during the private parties and game contest that are organized frequently.

The success of the hostel, and the increasing number of visitors in Peru, has prompted its owners to assess the possibility of opening similar lodging options in other cities of Peru, such as Iquitos, Arequipa or Trujillo.

Hithhikers hostel, located in the safest and most central part of Miraflores, is close to several banks, supermarkets, malls, travel agencies, bars, lounges, discos, transportation, restaurants and fast-foods, shops, etc. It offers both dorms and private rooms with or without private bathrooms, a guest kitchen, parking spaces, a shared computer with Internet access and Wi-Fi, luggage stores, living rooms to watch movies or listen to music, and an open patio with tables suited for BBQs, bicycle rentals, as well as foosball and ping-pong tables.

The hostel also offers taxi and bus services to the airport on demand, garage service for trucks, motorcycles, and campers. It also provides tours for Cusco. Guests can locate the hostel, book accommodations or find out more about Hithhikers by calling (511) 242-3008 or visiting the company's Web site at

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