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Hostels in peru

The hostels for backpackers in Peru are a kind of business that have decades in the tourism field. They began operating in Cusco, and then they get expanded to other tourist sites since backpackers have been the vast majority of tourist people arriving in the country. At first, accommodations were simple homes which offered only the most basic services, shared bedrooms and shared bath rooms. There are now a vast variety of new hostels, which offer several new services, but keeping their reasonable and affordable prices.

What makes this kind of lodging in Lima be cheaper is the possibility to share a bedroom and bathroom among 6 or 10 people. Nowadays, however, some of these have privates bedrooms with private bathrooms for those who like privacy and are willing to spend more money for that. Nevertheless, the spirit of the coexistence in these homes has no missed.

One of the first innovations in the hostels in Peru was the inclusion of a kitchen so that guests could prepare their food there. Then they were adding new common areas, such as reading and cable TV rooms, terraces with barbecues, etc. These new common areas allow the interactions among the guests and made these accommodations become much more fun and requested by travelers. The hostel became an important part of the trips not only a bedroom where tourist people sleep but also a place to meet new people and have good times.

Services offered from the hostels

Nowadays, the trend is that these places are also places of entertainment for tourist. That's why; some hostels in lima have private parties and some relaxing games, for example soccer and Ping Pong's tables, darts board, PlayStation even swimming pools. Services such us internet, lockers and telephone are really common and almost mandatory for a good establishment of this kind.

Some managers and owners have started to offer tours for their clients and this have worked out. They are still charging low prices for the service and keeping an acceptable quality standard. The huge amount of visitors that they host allows them to have continuously clients for this or another service that they will set in the future.

Guarantee for the guests

Hostels in the past were not controlled by any authority; anyone could start a business in a house without any guarantee for the guests. Currently, this activity is promoted and controlled by the authorities in charge of the Tourism Department in Peru (Prom Peru). You can find this kind of lodging even in the most remotes tows in the country with essential services. Now this is considered a form of experimental tourism.

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