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Lima hostel is a good choice for tourists

Lima, with its colonial historical downtown and shopping and elegant districts, is a mixture of modernity and tradition, which leads it to have a variety of attractions for different kinds of tastes and tourist people. For instance, there are different types of lodging, from five star hotels to small but safe and housie hostels.

For those who like the best, huge and most fancy hotels with gyms, casinos and the most elegant accommodations and services, the city has several five star hotels and restaurants that have nothing to envy to anyone in the world. And, if what you are looking for it's to buy high quality and valuable products, you will find in Lima specializing shops in silver and gold jewelry and products made from alpaca and vicu�a wool, which are highly appreciated in the entire world.

You can also purchase listed handicrafts made by the most renowned artisans of Peru.

Another option for lodging are the hostels in Lima, they are really common in Peru and are really attractive to all kind of people don't look for something luxury, groups of friends, couples, small families, backpackers and too people travel alone, who prefer stay in a warmer place than an big hotel. Hostels started to operate in neighborhood houses in Cusco and over time the business has become common in many cities in the country. Now many of them have a variety of services and accommodations for different prices.

In Lima, hostels are mainly located in downtown, Miraflores and Barranco. And the best know and frequented hostel in Lima is "Hitchhikers" that is located in the center of Miraflores, which is a really advantage because it is close to everything in the city, and also because Miraflores is really safe and with a lot of stores, shopping centers, fast food restaurants, pubs, discos, travel agencies, casinos, and so on. Other benefits of Hitchhikers are their different services that include garage service for those who those that want to sleep in their campers or trucks.

Variety places to fun in lima

Lima is really attractive for people of all ages. There are a lot of variety of museums, most of which have splendid samples of the different cultures that flourish in Peru, and pre-Columbian ruins in the middle of the city, called "Huacas" that were a kind of temples of ancient cultures and some of them has been restored and can be appreciated better. Lima has an active night life as well. In Barranco and Miraflores there are several bars, pubs and discos, in which visitors can drink and dance in comfortable, safe and modern accommodations.

Typical dishes to try

Another big attraction in Lima is its food. You can find along the city several restaurants that serve the typical Peruvian food that includes seafood restaurants, with the emblematic dish "Ceviche", Chifas (Chinese-Peruvian food), Peruvian food restaurants from different regions of the country and the most popular dish in Peru, that is "pollo a la brasa"(roasted chicken) which is seasoned with local spices to produce and irresistible, golden and juicy charcoal-cooked chicken served with fries and salad. Lima hostels offer room service at an added fee.

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