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Secure lodging in lima peru

When you visit Lima, you will have a variety of accommodation facilities. There are from five stars hotels to comfortable and affordable hostels. If you have the option of paying for a hotel with all facilities, you will have no difficulties to find what you are looking for. In the other hand, if you go for a small, affordable and safe hostel, you must take into account some recommendations in order to choose suitable lodging.

The First thing you should look for in your hostels accommodations is security. You must keep in mind that some parts of downtown and other districts can be very dangerous especially at night and also it is very crowded and noisy. The safer places to stay in a hostel are Miraflores and surrounding areas. Remember that in Lima there is a lack of police officers, so it's better if you avoid going out alone especially at night Now if you are a traveler traveling on your own or backpacker, you are going to need a place that is close to supermarkets, groceries stores and restaurants. Miraflores has many more facilities, have much more variety. And remember that Peruvian food can be really hot; when you go to a restaurant ask for dishes without spicy condiments.

Tourists that come to Peru are of all types and you do not know what the real purpose of their trip is, so you'd better stay at a site recommended by someone you know, some guide or a place with several guests. Avoid those hostels with few people and taking care of strangers' luggage.

Transportation and security for tourists in lima

One peculiarity of Lima and the rest of the country is the taxi transportation system. There are no established rates, so you have to haggle with the driver to reach an agreement for the price depending on the distance. This is taken for the drivers to charge you exaggerated rates, so you should try to ask locals for reasonable prices or it would be better if you take taxis with someone reliable who haggle with the driver.

Lima has recently started their modern and fast public transportation system called "Metropolitano", which runs along the main tourist districts: Barranco, Miraflores San Isidro and Lima Downtown. It is really, and safe you can take it without any fears.

Nowadays there are hostels that offer garage services for campers and trucks. You have to make sure that they have enough space to this, and also if they have complementary services and security. Remember that there are no safe places on the streets to park trucks or campers.

Finally, remember that the choice for accommodations will be part of the experience, as well as the places visited and events that you witness during your stay in the Peru. There are appropriate hostels in Lima, you only have to look for them carefully.

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