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Sports, adventures and fun in miraflores lima

Lima is a city that not only offers several cultural, historical and business attractions, reflected in its architecture, museums or big hotels. Lima also has splendid places (around the city) for adventure sports and a large number of establishments in the city that allow a varied and attractive nightlife specially for backpackers.

Surfing in lima beaches

Being a coastal city, Lima has many beaches suitable for the practice of surfing, from beginners (Redondo or Waikiki beaches in "La Costa Verde", Miraflores) and even for more experienced surfers (Pico Alto in Punta Hermosa, and La Herradura in Chorrillos). In the beaches of the Costa Verde, you will find instructors who teach and also rent the necessary equipment for surfing, but if you want to buy your own one, Miraflores has a lot of surf shops where you can find whatever you want. For more adventure surfers there are also more remote and challenging beaches, where you can reach by car, accompanied by a guide of course. Surfing has become a really popular sport in Lima since Sofia Mulanovich was the World Champion of women's professional circuit in 2005.

Extreme sport for tourist

Lunahuana, a pleasant valley located 150km south of Lima, has perfect locations to enjoy a wide variety of adventures sports in its river, which has rapids up to class IV, and its hills. You can practice rafting, parasailing, trekking, gliding, mountain biking and fishing competitions. There a los of tour operator for this place in Lima, and they supply you all the necessary equipments and also you can stay in beautiful hotels in the valley for the time you want. Lunahuana celebrates its "adventure sports week" every first week of March. This is a good time for backpackers who love camping.

This is another adventure sports that can be practice in Lima. The cliffs situated on the seafront in Miraflores are ideal place for paragliding. While you are in the air, you can appreciate the beautiful bay of Lima, its beaches and hostels in the top of the cliffs. You can take lessons of paragliding or just take a paragliding ride accompanied with and expert. The "paraport" is located in Miraflores next to the "el faro" (lighthouse). There is a different place to practice this sport, the valley of Pachacamac. But this place is for really experienced people and it's recommendable to go only with experts that know really well the weather of this place.

Discos, pubs and bars in lima nights

Lima's night life has number of options to have a good time in their modern and typical entertainment venues. Barranco, Miraflores and San Isidro are famous for their bars and lounges with a minimalist style, where you can drink the emblematic brandy of Peru "pisco" in many different cocktails companied with delicious and gourmet appetizers. Lima downtown offers an illuminated view of the principal buildings and squares of the city and pubs and bars, where visitors and backpackers drink while local rock-fusion bands perform their best songs. Larco Mar in Miraflores is the trendy place for go to dance in its popular discos: Aura and Gotica, places that are at the level of the best dance clubs in the region.

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