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Best health practices for guests staying at Cusco Hostel

Travelling to Cusco and surrounding areas, is a very exciting experience for most people. As a visitor you may have a spiritual and magic life experience that you will never forget, having the opportunity to connect with the Inca's roots and people, rituals and traditional food.

But what about the risk that being in such a magical and different place in many ways, may represent for your body and health? Are you aware of that taking water from the tap is not a healthy habit? Or that is better not to bring with you expensive watches or jewelry because you could share your rooms with other guests? Take in consideration more precaution to ensure.

Remember always to be polite when you interact with other visitors and the locals. It is very important to know that people who work in Cusco hostel can help you with accurate information about transport, where the places are you can visit, the local customs and folklore, etc. They will always be friendly and happy to help as much as they can.

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