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How to Get the Best of Your Budget?

In order to save some money when going to Cusco, Peru, set you up to be roughing it a bit. To make your Cusco experience one of the best ones while on a budget, follow these tips:

When you arrive to Cusco, everything is so much more relaxed and the attitude is different. At the airport, hire a taxi to get you to the main Plaza or directly to your hotel or hostel. The cab ride should only cost you about ten soles to take you into town.

Hostels Cusco, restaurants, hotels and travel agencies you will find for everywhere, so setting up anything in advance is not essential. Although, if you do not want to worry about finding a place to rest your head after your arrival, reserve a room ahead of time, and do some research beforehand on the internet. Even some of the most inexpensive hostels and hotels have web pages, where you can look up information on them and book rooms online. Most of the hostels Cusco and hotels offer personal, quiet bedrooms and bathrooms with hot water. Delicious breakfasts usually come with most reservations. Many hostels that are inexpensive are very near the main Plaza, have great views, and excellent services.

Hostels Cusco is a good option for a good budget, note that all hostels have a good price if you compare with a hotel, but be careful with a new hostels only open for high season very cheaper, not only for the bad service without security and hot water necessary in Cusco but also for bad tourists and thieves, is better a known hostel, don't spoil your trip for a few dollars per night.

When traveling from place to place in Cusco, walking is the best option. The main city of Cusco is not so large and can easily be walked through. While walking, explore all Cusco has to offer. There are also taxis available for your convenience to take you from place to place quickly. If you decide to walk, be sure to take it easy and take your time in order to adjust to the altitude. To avoid altitude sickness, take it easy, drink coca tea, take Ibuprofen, drink water, rest, do not eat too heavy and stay away from drinking too much alcohol.

Walk through the Plazas and look through the streets to find a restaurant that suits your appetite and your budget. The further from the Plaza you go, the cheaper the restaurants will be. Check for restaurants that offer a menu with set prices, around US$5. These menus that are offered can be quite delicious and filling as well.

Cusco is the perfect spot to buy all souvenirs. The Sacred Valley has beautiful things as well, but has higher prices for them as well. Cusco also has a wider selection of souvenirs to pick from. Keep in mind that there are plenty of locals sitting along the streets, selling souvenirs and beautiful handmade things for extremely reasonable prices.

Be sure to head to the museums and churches and not to miss the Church of San Blas, the Museo de Arte Precolombino, the Cathedral, the La Compania de Jesus, and Qoricancha at Santo Domingo. Behind The Church of Santo Domingo, explore Qoricancha, the Golden Palace of the Inca's and the Temple of the Sun, which was formerly brimmed with gilded Inca treasures.

Check out the ruins of Sacsayhuaman and buy the Boleto Turistico, consisting of a ten day pass including all entrance fees to museums and sites in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, for a very inexpensive price.

Get outside of the city of Cusco and go day hiking. Take a taxi or bus from the Plaza De Armas up to Tambo Machay, above Sacsayhuaman. Discover all the ruins, shrines and the local Quechua farms that border the hills, northeast of Cusco and then, walk about four or five miles to get back into town.

Spending less money causes people to spend more time outside, with nature and with yourself and others. Take advantage of this opportunity! Going to Cusco on a budget is perfectly fine and can be done. Cusco is one of the best places to go on a Budget because there are so many things to do outside, with the least amount of money!

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