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Safety tips for hostel in Cusco

Cusco is one of the most beautiful and interesting tourist attractions in Peru. Visitors enjoy its beautiful landscapes, archeological sites around the city and explore the city's inspiring architecture. Spacious plazas, massive temples and palaces, colonial houses and Machu Picchu will take you back in time. But, be sure you are extremely careful when choosing which hostel to stay while stays in Cusco. There are some safety tips that will help you feel safe in the hostel of your choice that you should follow:

Hostel in Cusco of medium range prices are more secure that the cheapest, you can find different kinds of hostels and with their respective prices, normally the hostels have cheapest prices if you compare with a hotel, all hostels have cheapest bedrooms like beds in shared dorms and more expensive like private bedrooms, the difference of hostels expensive and cheapest are some dollars, but pay attention don't be confuse the cheapest offer you a bad service, bedroom crowded, not security, no hot water and worst this hostels attracts bad tourists and sometime thieves, not worth spoiling your trip to save 2 or 5 US$ dollars per night. The range of a good hostel, economical and safe is between $10 to $60 dollars per night depending on whether beds in shared dorms or private bathroom.

Always carry extra money, in case banks are not accessible. If possible, carry money in a money belt and fold bills in order to hide them in different compartments. Be sure to pay for services in advance, so carrying large quantities of money will not be necessary. If you are planning to travel from hostel to hostel, do not take anything valuable along with you. Following these little tips, is the best way to avoid attention while stay in Cusco.

Avoid using fancy luggage on your trip; some may think that along with the expensive luggage you have, valuables could be found inside. If necessary, ask for a secure place to put expensive things you intend to bring before making a reservation at hostel in Cusco.

Be sure the hostel you choose in Cusco is well-maintained, safe and clean. Check for its emergency exits and make sure you know what to do there in case of emergencies or natural disasters. Check for signs of infestations of rats, mice, bedbugs or any other kind of insect. If you are not completely satisfied with the hostel room conditions, decline it and ask for a different one. Do not be shy, because after all, you are paying for their services.

If you are staying at any hostel in Cusco, buy food at a supermarket or at a clean and safe market. While meeting new people in Peru, try to stay a part of a group whenever possible. Send an email or call family or friends, so they have an idea where you are and know exactly where you are staying.

Always carry a small first-aid kit with you. Be sure to bring insect repellent and toilettes, just in case you are not able to find any in the city. And finally, enjoy the city of Cusco; most of the hostels Cusco has to offer, are great. Just use common sense to keep luggage and valuables safe at all times. Traveling to Cusco is a great opportunity for all people to learn more about Peruvian culture, and if you follow these simple tips, you will have one of the best experiences while staying at any hostel in Cusco.

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