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What to Wear According to the Season in Cusco

You will finally have the chance to visit one of the most amazing cities in the world, Cusco. You have your tickets, your hostel Cusco reservations, your tours organized, so, let's see, what is missing? You need to pack. Not all of us love doing that and it seems that no matter how hard you try to follow all the packing tips, you always seem to forget or regret taking something.

The first thing you need to do is know the weather. During the months of November through May is the rainy season. It will begin with light rain; however, becoming more intense during January and March. The seasons are not so well defined, so summer and winter tend to be very similar, the only variation is how could it can get at night? From June to October temperature could drop up to 3°C or less at night. In general the average temperature may range from 10.3°C to 13°C (50.54° and 52.34° Fahrenheit); however, temperatures could vary depending to the zone.

Now that the weather is covered, it is much easier to get your bags ready. Making a list of the things you need to take is always handy. Just three neat columns: clothing, toiletry and accessories. When arranging clothing at your hostel Cusco,your trip will seem less problematic.


Please, covered. It is your best bet. As the it is warm from 10 am to 4 pm more or less, you can uncover and you will not be too hot or too cold. Put in your bag a pair of khakis and jeans. Some may say corduroy but remember you also have to pack light, so I would it give it a second thought on that. Long underwear, Nylon pantyhose or leggings may really come in handy. T-shirts and a couple of long sleeves will do the trick. Take a fleece and a lightweight rain jacket. If you need washing done, most hostels will do it for a very reasonable (if not take some detergent in a bottle and some hanging clips). Hicking boots could be an option but they maybe too heavy. Try trail shoes that have been well worn and broken into, you do not want blisters to ruin your fun! You may be wondering what about all the wooly things? Well, you will be in a place where the most beautifully designed socks, scarfs, sweaters, gloves, ponchos and chullos (Inka hat) are made for very reasonable prices. Stroll the markets to find what fits you best. If you are wondering about the night life, starting from your hostel Cusco is pretty relaxed; you do not need to dress up to go out. Just take a nice top or a shirt and enjoy!


If you haven't been in places over 3,000 meters, pack some altitude sickness pills. It's recommended to be taken just before your take-off to Cusco. Sun block is needed at all time. Liquid hand sanitizer, insect repellent, lip balm, tissues, medicine (handy for headaches or stomachaches). Pack them in zip-lock bags to avoid having a mess in your bag.


A camera is a must not to be left at home item. Take the necessary batteries for it or your charger. If you are taking any electrical gadget bare in mind that the electricity in Peru works on 220 volts. A travel alarm for your early departures and a flashlight will be useful. A money belt with safety pins can keep you from worrying about being robbed. An umbrella could be on your list, just to keep it safe. And, finally a hat and a pair of sun glasses. Now, you are all set to go and enjoy this once in a lifetime journey.

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