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Why Reserve at Hitchhikers hostel in Peru?

When planning a trip to Cusco, Peru, be sure to stay in the Hitchhikers Backpackers Hostel, near the main square of Cusco. The Hitchhikers Hostel in Cusco belonging to a group of hostels in Lima and Cusco that provide security to tourists and gives all its visitors the luxury to stay in an attractive colonial house with two large patios. The Hitchhikers Hostel is very close to the main square in Cusco, and near everything a visitor would need and want to see. But, the Hostel is far enough from all of the crowded and noisy parts that Cusco has to offer, in order to make this trip a peaceful and relaxing one.

In the Hitchhikers Hostel, discover a combination of services, which makes anyone's excursion to Cusco a unique and comfortable experience. Individual attention, safety and a welcoming ambiance, where you will meet travelers, is one of the greatest areas of the Hitchhikers Hostel.

Participate in the many group or individual tours and excursions the Hitchhikers Hostel has to offer, to the many different destinations in Cusco, Peru. Take advantage of the excellent and secure taxi service the Hostel has available for all guests. Use the wireless internet available at your fingertips, within the comfort of the Hostel. And do not forget to check out the board room, common area, bar and restaurant the Hitchhikers Hostel has to offer, which are all great places to relax and meet other travelers, unlike other hostels in Cusco. And be sure to use the option of free luggage store and locking up belongings in safety boxes.

The Hitchhikers Hostel offers many different kinds of rooms, all for inexpensive prices! All rooms include a Continental Breakfast and a Television with Cable. Here in this Hostel, dollars and soles are accepted. The Hostel has a taxi service to pick up all guests from the airport and drop them off when it is time to leave, for a very reasonable price. Safety for guests is an important practice among hostels in Cusco

So, when planning your trip, and choosing among all the hostels in Cusco, be sure to make your reservation at the Hitchhikers Hostel. Make all reservations online or over the phone; and don't forget to check out the website to get more information about this wonderful Hostel! Staying at the Hitchhikers Hostel in Cusco will just add to the great experience you will have in the city of Cusco!

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